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Markers what are the raw materials of

  • 03-19-2022
I. water ink water: water ink main has coloring agent, and water-soluble organic solvent, and surfactant, and fake plastic gives agent/increased heavy agent, and to ion water and the pH regulation age

Difference between plastic crayons and crayons

  • 03-19-2022
What is the plastic crayon made for children Plastic crayons are composed of pigments and resins. They are not easy to break, can be wiped, and can be directly painted and written. The life is 4

Manufacturing method of water-based environmentally-friendly crayon

  • 03-19-2022
A crayon is a pen-shaped material obtained by uniformly mixing and casting a wax-like substrate and a pigment, which can be used for painting, writing, marking, and the like. The crayons currently on

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